Speaking at CGIB events

We are often approached by people that want to speak at the CGIB seminars and workshops.  Our events are unique and “one of a kind” in the industry and we work hard to keep them that way.  As a result, we have put together this list of the things we consider before adding you to the lineup.


  • You can not be in a position to sell the product or service that you’re speaking on/about
    • this means no insurers, TPA’s, EAP, tech solutions, pharmaceutical companies etc.
    • you may speak on a topic, if you work in another industry (speaking on LTD, work w/PBM)
  • Advisors may speak if they have a unique story to share of value to the advisor audience
  • Our events are extremely interactive (which is what makes them unique).  You will be interrupted to provide more detail, or with questions.  No saving them all to the end here!  Be good with that.
  • Generally speakers will not be accepted that are supplied by the sponsor of the event
  • The information must meet FSCO/FSRAO standards for Continuing Eduction (CE) (see clip below)

Examples of acceptable and unacceptable educational subjects with regards to CE:

Acceptable: legal, legislative and regulatory matters, fundamentals/principles of life insurance, financial planning, taxation, client needs-analysis, proper use of life insurance products, and rating/underwriting/claims.

Unacceptable: motivation, consumer psychology, salesmanship, office skills, computer training and telephone techniques.

For more information on CE requirements, read FSRA’s bulletin.

Still Interested? Send your bio and topic to info@cgib.ca

Looking for the speaker FAQ sheet?  It’s right HERE