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As a result of the recent post by CGIB Member Melanie Elliott of BBD, we are adding some links that may be of assistance to those hoping to conceive. 

If you have any you think we should add, just drop a note to dave@mainstayinsurance.ca or melanieelliott07@gmail.com

Infertility and Benefits: Making a Baby Isn’t As Easy As You Think

Really Odd Medical Expenses You Don’t Want to Miss


Ontario – Get fertility treatments

List of clinics that participate in the Ontario government funded option. Not all fertility clinics do and some are completely private.


National website in Canada that lists funding by province (there are only 4 that offer fertility coverage). They also have a “navigating your insurer” link where they list questions to ask your insurer.


What to expect – Fertility Treatments  This is the forum I participated on and it helped a lot hearing from other people.  I learned more through this forum then I did at my doctor appointments.


How is fertility benefits coverage evolving? Benefits Canada Article – May 15, 2020


Lilia is a place for people with ovaries to get guidance and customized answers about egg freezing, easily & all in one place.


Bringing transparency to wait times for OHIP-funded IVF rounds in Ontario

Ontario provides funding to participating fertility clinics to cover treatment costs, including one free cycle of IVF per patient (~$15,000). 

The government allocates cycles to participating clinics which are responsible for prioritizing patients and setting up/managing waitlists.  As a result, each clinic's waitlist is different. 

Clinic's don't typically share the fact that there is a waitlist until a patient's in-take call, which can take months to schedule.  

The goal of onfertility is that by making this data available, you'll be able to use it to select the best clinic for you. 



One of our CGIB members shared this post and video to share with others.  Thanks Justin.