Mental Health Resources

CGIB members have shared various public sites of free mental health resources.  These are great to share with plan administrators to share with plan members.

IN CRISIS?  As of December fists call 988

Humanitarian Emergencies Around the World: Coping Together - Resources for people in Canada and Canadians abroad


If you are in crisis


The CAMH Virtual Urgent Care Clinic offers convenient, confidential, same-day virtual mental health advice wherever you are in the City of Toronto   


CAMH’s Psychiatric Emergency Department provides 24 hours/7 days per week emergency services for adults with mental health and substance issues.


Need to see a psychiatrist?   Skip the waiting room and get a referral to connect with an online psychiatrist at a time that suits you at Tia Health.


Free and confidential mental health and substance use support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Wellness Together Canada.


Adult mental health services for individuals and couples experiencing:  Relationship difficulties,  Difficulty balancing the demands of family life, Struggles dealing with life transitions, Anxiety, Depression


Ontario HRC MH Supports


The Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program (OSP), supports adults (aged 18 or older) who have depression, anxiety, and anxiety-related conditions. Through the OSP program, patients can access publicly funded, short-term, evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT is a structured, time-limited therapy that is problem-focused and goal-oriented and teaches practical strategies and skills.


We provide an ongoing one-to-one connection with a professional counsellor. Our e-counselling service allows youth to connect with a professional and qualified counsellor by self referral, to explore the issues being faced in a secure and virtual environment


Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC) advances mental health knowledge to improve the lives of Canadians. Check out our latest initiatives below.