Other upcoming projects

Never one to sit still, there is always work to do to improve the industry and I'm hoping to make more positive contributions for many years to come.  If you're interested in helping out in any of these, reach out.

Past Projects

DateProject NameDescriptionStatus
April 2012Trillium Drug Plan Coordinationintegrate private plans with provincial planIncomplete
June 2018Group Benefits Scale (GBS) Commissionmedian rate advisors chargeComplete
Oct. 2019Maternity Leave Risk Projectprotect women returning from mat. leaveComplete
July 2020LTD NEM Increase Projectprotect those declined LTD over the NEMComplete
Jan. 2021CGIB Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan (CHIP)establish a fully pooledComplete
Feb. 2021 EAP Integration Projectlink triggering events to EAP nudgesIn progress


Planned Projects

DateProject NameDescriptionStatus
Fall 2023The Patrick & Nolan ProjectImproving the industry - details to followGavin M - Working on it
2024Separate log in credentials on insurer sitesAllow employee and dependents to have separate log-ins to make claims and receive funds (especially important in messy separationsAvailable for others to run with
2024CGIB Traditional Insurance Pooled Plan (TIPP)Establish a pooled/transparent insured plan for small groupsResearching
2024/5Everything you wanted to know about Employee Benefit Plans, but were afraid to ask...Use collective of advisors to write a definitive employee benefits text bookAcquiring writers
2025Build an employee benefits training syllabusBuild a teaching curriculum to follow book abovePondering

These projects are initiatives of (or supported by) Dave Patriarche, the founder of CGIB. CGIB is an association dedicated to advisor education and not an advocacy group. The results posted here are for general public reference only and should not be construed as a CGIB initiative, or that it may have been supported by CGIB members in any way.  We only share to assist CGIB members.