Are you looking for an opportunity to promote your firm, in a unique way, to benefit brokers in the Greater Toronto Area?

I have a sponsorship opportunity that may be of interest to your firm, or the providers you deal with.  As a CGIB member you can choose to sponsor our events before we extend it to the list of non-members that are interested.

Canadian Group Insurance Brokers (CGIB) has been running educational seminars for ten years.  We host 5 seminars each year with 100 to over 150 in attendance

The past events have been extremely well received, with many sponsoring year after year.  This is your opportunity to get your firm out front!

The target audience for these events are brokers that specialize in employee benefits. The meetings encourage open discussions and are VERY interactive.  Attendees want to be there and are interested in the information being conveyed.  As such, it presents you with a very affordable opportunity to promote your firm, that requires very little manpower on your part.

For a $5,000 seminar sponsorship investment (+ HST #815938600)you will receive an opportunity to:

    • Supply folders /handouts with your firms info (brochures, business cards etc.) to the attendees
    • Provide the introductions to the speaker(s)
    • Provide a brief introduction to your firm (at the beginning and after break – approx. 15 minutes total)
    • Have your logo and link located on the website, registration forms, and other materials
    • Display your banner or signage at the event
    • Invite your staff to attend in order to network with attendees at no charge
    • Promote the event to your preferred guests at reduced CGIB member rates ($100 OFF !!!)

We will handle:

    • All venue arrangements (bookings, payment, room coordination, coffee, hot breakfast, AV equipment etc.)
    • Event payments (credit card processing), sign in, collection of business cards (if you wish to draw for a prize)
    • Promotion of the event (CGIB members first, your preferred list second, then a wider prospect list)
    • CE certificate production and distribution
    • Honorariums or donations for speakers as required

At present we are accepting sponsorship for the October and November seminars.
The initial schedule is on the CGIB site (http://cgib.ca/calendar/), but is subject to change.

The sponsorships will be granted on a first come, first serve basis and will likely sell out within days.  The number of firms interested in the past is always been greater than the opportunities, so please reach out ASAP if you are interested.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.  

Thank you for your support of these events.

Dave Patriarche