6 Nov 2019 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Bellagio Event Venue
8540 Jane St
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Dave Patriarche

Topic: What’s the Future of Pharmacare?

Affordable access to necessary medications for Canadians has been topic of much debate long before the Federal Election. The Canadian health insurance industry (and Conservative Party) have advocated for lower pricing and better integration with public plans. The Liberal Party announced plans for a Canada Drug Agency, changes to PMPRB and included National Pharmacare in their election platform. This session will reflect on the election outcome and stimulate discussion on potential impact for insurers, advisors and sponsors of benefit plans.

The more you know on this topic, the more value you can add to client communications.

The more you know on this topic, the more value you can add to client communications.

Speaker: Marilee Mark – Marilee Mark Consulting

Topic: Advisor Risk & Liability

Jim has been retained over 140 times by more than 100 different law firms to help with lawsuits involving a licensed life insurance agent.  He’ll share some of the stories and risks that he’s seen, as well as where advisors have gone wrong.  In most cases the error has been caused by agent negligence.  Are you next one to sit beside, or across from, Jim?.

Listen and learn how to better protect yourself, your clients, and your business.

Speaker: Jim Bullock – Expert Witness

Topic: Where Insurers put your Client at Risk & What CLHIA is doing to help (or not?)

In 2017, I approached the CLHIA with a problem we had identified.  It could put our clients, and their employees, at substantial financial risk as well as be really “bad press” for both they and the insurer we placed them with.  Easy right?  THREE  years later and they are still talking about it!

I’ll share a bit about this journey of trying to protect our clients and insurers.  We’ll share who’s doing what, so you’ll know what to ask your carriers before you place business with them.

Attend to find out how your clients are affected.

Speaker: Dave Patriarche – Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc.

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