Benefit Termination Project (prolonged absence)

Let’s clean up another industry issue

Insurers should add (or offer to add as an option) a clause that terminates benefits after a prolonged absence. This would prevent employers from having to write and administer the policy.

The wording might look something like this…

Continuing Health Benefits for Employees on Total Disability

Employees who are totally disabled and are unable to work due to an accident or illness will continue to be covered for Health and Dental benefits during such period of total disability, effective from the date their total disability starts and up to a maximum period of XXX (generally 12 or 24) months, or until their disability ends and they go back to work, whichever is earlier, provided premiums are paid.

Watch for more on this as I get into it…

This project is an initiative of Dave Patriarche, the founder of CGIB. CGIB is an association dedicated to advisor education and not an advocacy group. The results posted here are for general public reference only and should not be construed as a CGIB initiative, or that it has been supported by CGIB members in any way.