Participate on an Advisory Board

We are often approached by insurers, TPA’s, regulators, associations, government, pharmaceutical companies and others for brokers that may be interested in donating their time to sit on advisory boards.  These are groups that are brought together to share ideas, experiences and the feedback that they see in the course of business.  It may be what you or your clients might think of a new drug, product, service, or idea that some onewants feedback on.


  • You are willing to offer your time (from a morning to a day)
  • You will often be asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) so have to be able to keep things quiet
  • You are willing to share your views and opinions.  No staying quiet here.
  • You have a passion for our business and want to make it better by giving back
  • Many of the adboards are NOT paid, though costs may be covered

Interested? Send your name to