Breakfast Meeting Format

What a Breakfast Meeting Is and What it is NOT

Breakfast meetings are an opportunity for those in the benefits field to get together in an informal atmosphere and to exchange data to help educate each other.  The group can, and does, include brokers, insurers, Third Party Administrators, service providers and even HR people that deal, or wish to deal, in the benefits marketplace.

Each meeting works on a slightly different format.  Please contact the chair of that meeting to book a spot and ask any questions that you may have.  Below we have added the “rules” that form the framework for a successful meeting.

A CGIB Breakfast:

  • Allows everyone to speak freely and openly;
  • Does NOT have minutes or recordings.   ;
  • Does NOT provide CE credits – we want you be here to learn, not earn;
  • Has NO speakers.  YOU are the speaker;
  • Has no sponsors.  You drive the agenda, not a company;
  • Is not bigger than 24 people.  Anything bigger and it’s hard to hear and have one focused discussion;
  • Is held at restaurants rather than hotels to keep costs down;
  • Should be focused on employee benefits 90% of the time.  It’s what we are here for;
  • Should be chaired by a broker but MAY be by others as need dictates.
  • Has an agenda driven by the attendees. This can be either at time of booking or at the meeting;
  • Usually runs about two hours in length.  Keep it quick and focused but hang around if you want to chat;
  • Should be no less than 50% brokers.  If it is, we lose our focus.

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If you have any questions about our format, contact the chair person at each location.

AJAX –  Irv Murphy at or by calling him at 1-905-686-2368

CAMBRIDGE/AYR – Lindsay Gibson at or by calling her at 1-226-808-4232

MARKHAM – these events are booked through the CGIB system until Aug. 31, 2017  – Click Here

OAKVILLE – these events are booked through the CGIB system until Aug. 31, 2017 – Click Here