Chair a Breakfast

Gain Public Speaking & Meeting Facilitation Experience

CGIB uses rotating chairs to moderate our monthly breakfast meetings.  In exchange for chairing the meeting, you receive a free breakfast and an opportunity to gain experience presenting in front of others.  This can be great practice for conducting your own employee meetings or facilitating client meetings.

To be eligible to chair, you must be:

  • A broker (preferably);
  • Able to arrive at the event early (7:35-7:45);
  • Willing to be an impartial facilitator of the discussions.

Your role:

  • We will send you the agenda the day before the breakfast.  Identify a few of your own ideas in the event that the discussions are brief.  The Benefits Canada and Small Biz Advisor websites are always a good source.
  • We will send you the list of the attendees the day before the breakfast.  Please confirm receipt of the e-mail, PRINT and bring it with you to the meeting.
  • Arrive early (no later than 7:45). Locate the wait staff and ask for the CGIB box.
  • Set up the menu, chips, sign in sheet, name tags and markers.
  • Ensure everyone signs in and give wait staff the order page.
  • Get things rolling by 8:10 (weather and crowd permitting).

Running the meeting:

Welcome and thank people for coming.  Address agenda items.

  • Keep discussion lively, flowing and under control
  • Sit back and listen from time to time
  • Support everyone’s participation
  • Encourage participants accountability (if you say it, back it up)
  • Speak loudly and clearly and encourage others to do so too
  • STOP side conversations when someone is speaking
  • Try and steer conversations, don’t cut people off
  • Avoid “provider bashing” or personal attacks

If you run out of topics, go around the table, ask people to briefly introduce themselves and raise any issues.

Ask if any of the brokers would like to chair the next meeting.

When meeting ends (typically around 10:00) gather chips and collect the box contents and and give to wait staff to store for the next meeting.  The wait staff will process the payment on the CGIB credit card that they have on file.  You do NOT have to pay.

Following the meeting, let us know:

  • The number of attendees (or no shows)
  • The names of any unregistered drop ins
  • Which broker would like to chair the next meeting.

If you are interested in chairing contact us at