Not a Broker?

Are you an Insurer? A Third Party Administrator (TPA)?

Or a Provider to the Group Benefits Market?

You too can benefit in the following ways by joining CGIB:

Be Part of the ONLY Benefits Focussed Association in Canada

  • Ability to network with brokers, and others in our marketplace
  • Informal network to ask questions and and share information with others
  • Discuss trends and issues with peers that are in the same business as you
  • A SEARCHABLE Lists and Links page that is all group benefits focussed

Interactive Group Insurance Seminars

  • Industry specific seminars that provide a great sponsorship opportunity
  • Attend CE credit seminars and stay up on what brokers are discussing
  • Members have the chance to sponsor  to promote themselves
  • Hear from brokers, MGA’s, Lawyers and others you won’t hear anywhere else

Want to look amazing to your brokers?

  • Invite your brokers out to a seminar
  • Show you’re investing in their growth and development

Member Benefits You Won’t Get Any Where Else

  • Monthly newsletters with articles of interest and industry upcoming events
  • A source to get a second opinion or connection to others that can assist

There are a wide variety of benefits to CGIB membership. Our annual membership fee is $150 ($169.50 with HST) and our membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st.  ALL memberships are individual. NO Sharing.  Corporate rates are $5,000 per year (+tax) with up to 30 members included.

PLEASE NOTE: CGIB membership will increase to $500 per year effective September 1st, 2017.  Corporate Rates will increase to $10,000 with up to 15 members at that time as well.

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